Monir Group’s Annual Official Tour-2022

In an effort to foster camaraderie, recharge energies, and reward hard work, Monir Group, in collaboration with Muskan Holidays, orchestrated its much-anticipated “Annual Official Tour” to the enchanting coastal paradise of Cox’s Bazar. From October 28th to November 1st, 2022, the entire Monir Group family embarked on a delightful 4-night and 3-day vacation at the prestigious Regal Place Hotel.

The journey commenced with an air of anticipation, and the excitement grew further as Capital News 24, the esteemed media partner of this vacation, captured the jubilant spirits of the team.

From sunrise to sunset, the days were filled with thrilling activities and unforgettable moments. Muskan Holidays had meticulously planned the tour, ensuring a seamless experience for all. The team reveled in beach games, water sports, and engaging team-building exercises that fostered trust and unity. Laughter echoed through the air as colleagues became friends, forging bonds that extend beyond the workplace.

At Regal Place, the gracious hospitality and top-notch facilities provided an unparalleled experience. The breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal from the hotel rooms was awe-inspiring, creating an ambiance of tranquility and relaxation.

Beyond the adventures and scenic beauty, the tour allowed everyone to unwind and rejuvenate. The serene ambiance of Cox’s Bazar, combined with moments of leisure, offered the perfect respite from the daily hustle and bustle.

As the tour drew to a close, the Monir Group family returned home with cherished memories, broad smiles, and renewed vigor. The “Annual Official Tour” had accomplished its mission of fostering unity, rewarding dedication, and creating a sense of belonging among the employees.

This memorable vacation, brought to life by Muskan Holidays and enriched by the media coverage from Capital News 24, truly exemplified Monir Group’s dedication to its workforce. It will forever remain etched in the hearts of all who were a part of this remarkable journey. The Annual Official Tour was not merely a getaway but an extraordinary testament to the values that make Monir Group a thriving and close-knit family.

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