Our mission is to explore business opportunities through strategic business units of the Group and flourish and prosper in the concerned sectors by harnessing people’s power and potential as well as making best use of resources giving due importance to national priorities. And our vision for making meaningful contribution in the socio economic development of the country through responsible business practice and to put the country and the nation first in all business endeavors.

Amanot Travels International

Amanot Travels International established in 2012. Amanot Travels International provides personalized world-class travel and tour experience to its clienteles. Successfully member of the International Air Transport Association(IATA), Association of Travel Agent of Bangladesh(ATAB), Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh(TOAB) and Civil Aviation, Galileo GDS connectivity etc. Flight arrangements to on-ground arrangements, Amanot Travels International are capable of catering to each and every needs and request from its clienteles.

Travel Sheba Limited

Travel Sheba Limited is a strategic business unit of Monir Group of Companies was established in 17, January 2021 as a backward linkage to serve Greenland Overseas’ demand for airline booking and ticketing for workers selected for employment abroad. For smooth functioning of its assigned mission and tasks Travel Sheba Limited has acquired all the necessary permissions, documents and logistics such as approval of the Government of Bangladesh, IATA license, ATAB, Civil Aviation, Galileo GDS connectivity etc.

IT Sheba Limited Dot Com

IT Sheba 24 Dot Com was established in 2018 to provide information technology solutions for any kind of businesses. The team at IT Sheba 24 Dot Com is equipped with a highly developed skillset developed over decades of experience not only in information technology but also in business processes across a range of industry sectors.

Faijan Rent A Car

Faijan Rent A Car determined to give client car service that rents automobiles for short periods of time to the public, generally ranging from a few hours to a few monthly. Faijan Rent A Car have well experienced driver and also best fit car such as C-HR, Hice, Noah etc.

Muskan Holidays

Muskan Holidays belongs to those who have an affection for traveling and Umrah. We would be delighted to provide support to those who want to go for Umrah or love to visit the world, no matter where the destination is! Let’s discover home first & then the earth with Muskan Holidays.

Ekota Mart

Ekta Mart.com is determined to bring a large number of products to the doorstep by the e-commerce service of the buyers from home and abroad considering the growing demand of the buyers. From this site, customers can buy various products including household goods, electrical and electronics, boutiques. It help customer to choose the pure product which was selected by our own staff.

New Vision Consultancy

New Vision Consultancy main goal is to advice student for reach their career to the next level. For better life and better study New Vision Consultancy will help to student. Their professional advice will change the career!
New Vision Consultancy helps students, parents and other beneficiaries with educational planning. They can be advisors, counsellors, admission consultants, vocational trainers, etc.